Colt Single Action Army Eagle 1st Generation


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Dimensions / Sizes
All measurements from backside of right panel

3 1/16" long
2 3/16" wide @ butt
15/16" vertical straight edge @ top
1 1/8" horizontal straight edge @ top
1 1/2" wide across center of screw hole (parallel to butt)
5/8" from center of pin hole to butt
13/32" from center of pin hole to front edge of grip

More Information
Early or first generation traditional "Rampant Eagle" grips. these are close in size to the C25, but not exact. You may want to furnish a tracing of your old grips (if you have them) to make sure they will fit.

Additional information


Grips #3558G ($41.50), Screw Kit #7199 ($16.00), Colt Authentic Hardware Kit #7811 ($16.00)