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In 1967, Star introduced the FR series, the last of the F types, with three single-action models: the FR, with a 4” barrel and fixed sights; the FR Sport, with a 6” barrel and adjustable sights; and the FR Target, with a 7” barrel, adjustable sights and adjustable barrel weights. The latter sold widely in Europe, and somewhat less so in the US as an entry-level target competition pistol.

The Sport is a well-balanced all-steel pistol that was supplied with plastic grips that have a thumb swell on the left grip panel. In appearance, the frame is much like the 1911 A-1, with an arched mainspring housing, a hammer with a half-cock notch and a generous checkered spur, a frame-mounted safety (which pivots up for Safe) mounted just below the hammer well, a button magazine release behind the trigger opening, and a slide lock which is engaged by the magazine follower when the last round is fired. All of the controls are on the left side.